Whatever.  It’s between you two.

You know each other better than anyone else because you have shared moments, anyone else did not.

You have your own judgments, logics, and faith about each other. You already know each other’s good as well as bad parts very well.

Problem arises. Ups and downs happen. Confusions, frustrations, anger, and guilt come along.

During the time as a human, you need to share. Emotional support is inevitable. I agree.

But that doesn’t mean you should keep bluffing each and everything about yours to people.

That doesn’t mean you should keep crying and blaming each other in front of people who frankly care least.

That doesn’t mean you should keep asking for advice to every new person you meet.

That doesn’t mean you should send every day a mutual to that person and try to make him /her understand.

That never means that you should keep complete shut-up and lock yourself in a room and keep crying.

See. You should share. But share with those whom you can trust completely. Whose advice you have considered till date and you have faith that they will advise you maturely which is best for you. Share with whom you think who know you and understand you.

Share with those who genuinely care for you and help you to move forward.

Share with those who give you solutions rather than help you to bitch situations along with you.

Share with those who help you to clear or sort out.

Your life is not a farce. So don’t make it.

Be direct, approach direct, tell direct, apologize direct, solve directly as much as you can rather than involving third persons.

Whatever will be the result, but your maturity will definitely be appreciated.

Again remember always,

Whatever. It’s between you two.

Breathe. Smile. Breathe.