Everyone behaves well.


On track.

When things are on track.

When situations go off-track.

Game starts.

A person can be judged when things go wrong.

Everyone speaks sweetly, behaves gently, and tries to prove himself as the best person you have ever met.

But when things go wrong you can evaluate.

How much patiently one can handle it?

How much silence one can keep?

How soon can one cope with?

How many efforts can one invest to make it work?

How much respect can one maintain while sorting out?

And most importantly how much one really cares?!!

Can be seen and judged.

Remember if it’s not happy, it’s not the end.

Don’t be panic.

Have patience.

Behave similarly. Whether on track or off track.

You are stuck on something.

I know.

I can feel.

But I assure you that one morning you will wake up like it never happened.

One day it will not matter anymore.

You will feel perfectly breezy.

I assure you waves in your ocean. You assure me that you will not resist it.

Peace. Love. Happiness.