With time I have realized that concern for a child, especially a concern for a daughter is the biggest concern of this world.

Can you even imagine how much anxiety and malaise, it brings to you if you have a daughter as your child?

A small bud was born in your garden called life.
You nourish it, support it, protect it, and teach it, to be a beautiful flower.
You see her smiling, crying, kidding, jumping, wandering in your garden.
Your deepest love and biggest sacrifices for her!

Can you even imagine?

When she smiles, you pray to almighty to keep her smiling always like this.

When she sleeps, you wish she can sleep soundly without any disturbance.                   

When she cries your heart burns in a fire.                                                  

When she sits silently, your world becomes desolate twilight.                

While seeing her happy, you feel yourself on the ninth cloud.

How much it excites you when she wears her school uniform very first time?
How much it surprises you when she wears “sari” (Traditional) first time at her school’s function?
How much it amazes you when she puts “bindi” (dot) on her forehead and wanders in a home with tippet on her shoulders all the day.

How much it tenses you when she goes at farewell parties or New Year celebrations with short skirts at night? (You pray that anyhow her skirts turn a little long, don’t you?)

How much it disappoints you when she leaves home in anger without even informing where she is going and with whom?                                                                                              

 No timings, No places, No company, No information!

How much it breaks your spirit when she does not reach back to home and her phone is constantly out of reach or switched off after 12 midnight.

How much it brings a concern to you when she introduces her boyfriend to you and says she wants to marry him when she is only 16 years old!

How much your soul begs to make her understand about what she yells at you and locks herself in a room and even stop talking to you?

How much you find yourself scattered and helpless when you find her keep crying and hurting herself for a wrong guy?

How much satisfaction it gives to you when you see her with a right person?

How much it makes you feeling pride when she becomes ideal woman handling all stuff at home, at offices, with her family and children.

Her world has always been bigger and wider than yours.
But your world rotates around her.
Isn’t it?

P.S Don’t indulge in something which you don’t want to see happening with your children.