When we love, we put our brain aside.


When feelings are intense, we often try to find and interpret them in a reciprocal way.

When we receive even a small formal sign, we interpret it as mutual feelings.

We ignore all negative signs repeatedly. Knowingly.

We trust words with utmost frequency, even if they were said too much formally and without even proper meaning.

When we love, we trust blindly.

Even if we were being cheated repeatedly, we use to find repeated excuses to justify the other one.

We think maybe he or she was angry, may be situations didn’t support, may be this and may be that.

We know all our “Maybe”, right?

We know cheating or mistreating can never be an option. It’s always intentional, right?

Still, we will catch ourselves in justifying the other one more often than he/she himself/herself does.

We give forgiveness more often and too quickly before even the other one asks for it.

Whatever, we cannot accept the simple fact that he /she does not love us.

We use to interpret in too many positive ways.

We use to over analyze situations.

We use to keep reminding our hearts every time that he/she actually is not the person the way he/she behaves.

We use to interpret every full stop sign as a repeated sign of coma.

We use to interpret behaviors the way our hearts want it to be.

Our hearts cling too much into a person that even if a thousand persons come and share all the worst things about him or her but we still keep justifying ourselves and to others as well about the inherent goodness of him or her and keep hoping for improvements.

We use to bear all abuses, mistreatments, disrespects just not to let our loved one leave.

We think by keeping silence about all the wrongs we can keep the other one stay with us forever.

Because we frankly can’t see him or her leaving.

Let ourselves remind that this is not the way.

First thing if someone wants to leave. He/she will. Period.

No matter what we do or how hard we try.

There cannot be any other serious reason for leaving than the person actually wants to leave. It’s a conscious decision.

So we can’t even expect regret.

Because again, It’s a conscious decision.

Second thing we will lose our individuality, self-respect, and free will when we bear anything and everything from the other one and finally find our self-scattered and broken as hell

Summarizing all things, we should keep boundaries and teach people how to treat us.

We have to break our silence if our silence is breaking us.

Say what we have got to say and say it hot.

To do wrong and to bear wrong both are sins.

P.S We should learn to identify what is really mutual and what we assume as mutual.