Dear smiling strong woman,

                                         You are   Woman of my life whom I made cry so much. You cared, you loved, you tried to hold on and so you suffered. I am frankly not even worthy to ask for forgiveness but as you know I have always been demanding to you even after you have filled me with every best thing you could. Today, I am asking for your genuine forgiveness. As your heart is big and as you still may contain that part in your heart which is still filled with so much love and care, I wish and hope you will forgive me. My worth is lesser than your greatness, indeed.

 I frankly don’t deserve your much care, time or attention so I won’t ask for them. I just want to tell you that I am genuinely happy after seeing a smile on your face, again. I must confess you have become more beautiful and lovely even after all these bitter times. You are meant to stay happy and smiling. After all these periods you lost faith in love, life and almighty and you had a genuine doubt about whether you would be able to love anyone in life, again! But you solved it. You proved that you are stronger than anyone could ever imagine.  You have immense love and wisdom within you, you are flames of fire consisting thousand moons inside. I could see and I could feel the same. You are meant to shine and so you did. You smiled again. You loved again. You lived again. And I am astonished but happy for you. You proved it. You earned your smile against all the odds.

I am seriously grateful to you for all the unconditional love and care you have gifted me. After realizing your deep love and immense consistency, I doubt myself whether I have ever loved you in true sense and spirit of love? Whether I have ever loved you the way you have loved me? Or maybe I have just made you suffocated in a golden cage named love!

I am sorry for all the hurts I have caused to you. That is all that I can say.

But I have realized. I missed your presence and your absence has made me a better person and a good human. Your love guided me to learn the art of loving. You have made me improve for the next person.

I respect you. I adore you. And I guess I love you!

Yours sincerely,

Gentleman (work in progress)