I will love you the way waves of the ocean will touch the bottom of your feet slowly and make them wet.


No part of your bottom feet will be left to touch.

Maybe you will think it will be momentary or shallow. But it won’t be.

Maybe you will think the comparison will be irrelevant. But it won’t be.

I will love you exactly the way water will touch the bottom of your feet.

That kind of dampness will come into existence, feeling of which won’t be destroyed. 

That kind of dampness will come into existence, feeling of which won’t fade away easily.

The waves will not only touch your bottom feet but they will touch to your skin, to your senses and to every vein inside and soften a flow of blood within.

They will activate your every inner cell.

The feelings will gradually find a way to your stomach, chest, head, mind, heart and consciousness and they will cover entire physical, as well as the spiritual body of yours and they will find their way through your breathing.

Where you will feel an abundance of pure love. Beyond time and measure.

Where no words will be left to speak and nothing will be left to express.

 Where you will feel your existence from eternity through eternity and till eternity.

 Which will be one and sole.

Which will not once in a lifetime kind of feelings but rather I would say you will feel something which will be felt by you only once in the total existence of this universe outside and universe within.

It will be the first and the only time I will truly love ever and only time you will truly be loved ever.

We both will be sure.



Seeing the ocean’s waves outside and feeling the ocean’s waves inside.

We won’t resist.

We will smile.