This is the moment.

You are reading these words with your present frequency.

We are observers and so we are creating the reality.

The reality of getting apart.

The moment where you are saying good-bye. Apparently.

In your perception, it’s the end moment. Nothing after.

For me, it’s a pose.

Just a pose.

Rejoining is definite but I don’t know how much this pose will last.

I can’t predict the exact time period.

But it will end. For sure.

In this universe or parallel. Doesn’t matter.

Or maybe beyond time and space. In fact.

But we will rejoin. For sure.

It seems to you that we are different and our destiny is different.

It seems to you that you can find a better place and better people.

You are free to go. You are free to choose.

We are deciding different paths.

Not different destination. Period.

Maybe you will apply “No contact rule”. For decades. For sure.

Let me tell you simple four lines.

Love is bliss.

Love is immaculate.

Love is existence.

Love is eternal.

You can never differ from your core reality and knowingness.

You will always rotate back.

You are going and I won’t cry.

I will smile.

I will wait peacefully.

Let’s carry on our journey onto different paths destined to consolidate immateriality.

When we will rejoin you will be silent.

First, you will smile.

Then you will cry a lot.

You will read these, all of these again, but with the much higher frequency of your consciousness.

Again you will smile.

I will also smile.

Unfathomable grace.