Dear beautiful woman,

                                     This is your day. I wish you a very happy women’s day. I admire every inherent womanly quality that you possess and I appreciate every good quality and value that you have developed. You are evergreen blossoming flower consisting infinite fragrance and wisdom. You are the source of life, the torrent of nourishment and idol of unconditional love. I feel your deepest love and care from different divine forms named mother, sister, friend, wife, and daughter. I am grateful for your abundant contribution in the development of this world.

                                   As a man, I promise you a million times and promise myself a billion times on this special day that “I will never make a woman cry.” God literally counts your tears and I never want to be an accused of hurting the beautiful and lovely creature of God. I ask for your genuine forgiveness for all those times when you were questioned, humiliated and abused. I assure you for your safety, respect, and independence. I assure you the invisible crown of womanhood that you deserve.

Yours sincerely,

Ever obliged Man.