• Description of writing about the present condition of Indian society with regards to relationships scenario was requested by dear Mehul.
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  • I dedicate the set of my understanding and perception about the present condition of relationships to him as follows and wishing him very happy and healthy love life leads to divine energy.

The present condition of Indian society with regards to relationships scenario.

As time passed by evolution in mindsets of people does come. Indian culture has also grown to a good extent. Parents become freer and more accepting in their approaches. And arrange marriages has also been replaced by love marriages or love cum arrange marriages to some extent. Mostly, known persons, friends or family friends are getting considered while choosing a marriage partner, now.

As far as the youth in India is concerned, the situation has become hectic. They have started preferring less serious in terms of relationships. Mostly after having few heart breaks. Most people do not want any commitment pressure. They prefer “casual relationships” when you can chill together, hang out together and may have sex with each other’s consent. But that’s it. Nothing more. A Huge class of people has arisen who prefer casual relationships. Youth back off from taking any commitment responsibilities. People start their relationships with very clear intentions of just chilling together. “No- title relationships” are most famous.
The youth started to prefer short term and shallow. No deep feelings, attachments or promises they follow. None of two having such type of casual relationship prefer anything deep or quality growth. All they want to do is “just chill” together.
The committed relationship may have issues but casual relationships have also its own issues. After all, both persons are humans. So expectation will arise sooner or later but the real problem comes in a picture when one person starts feeling some emotional stuff for another one who is completely detached from any feelings and emotions till date. Frustration, anger, the feeling of being cheated or used will also come into the picture. After all, you will have a relationship with human and not with a machine, therefore, the issue of “feelings” will arise sooner or later.
We should always be aware of with whom we are sharing our intimacy. Person’s vibration affects us to such a great extent. Detachment doesn’t come as easy as it seems.
I personally believe in committed relationship over casual relationships. Whatever maybe the past but we should always dare to choose wisely. In committed relationship, the emotional bond two persons share is beyond any expressed pleasure. It needs to be developed but It grows with time and physical pleasure will be doubled after knowing and cherishing person on physical as well as spiritual level.

P.S As a human, we need a partner in days also, and not only at nights.