In the darkest night

When moon was on holiday

Burning with terrible flames of the day

I wished deeply from bottom heart

Someone, please come with master art

Art of love

Art of peace

And stay always

And forever

Night seemed to end

When the first red ray of the sun about to reach

Low glimpse

Less sensitivity


And saffron smile

I could feel

When I felt

The first red ray of the sun

Forever seemed clear

Night seemed to end

Best seemed to rise

Life seemed worth to live

When I saw coming

The first red ray of the sun

But it has vanished

I am helpless


In the storm between

And rain along

The first red ray of the sun


Someday it will reach

To the earth

During life

Or afterlife

Doesn’t matter

For spreading smile

To  the smile

To make her smile


With gentle touch

To fulfill promises

Of always and forever.


Love never fails

(Karma is dharma.)

first red ray 2