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Be the reason for million smiles but never be a reason for even a single grudge

About Blog

Live. Love. Laugh. In three simple words we can sum-up life. This blog is all about words of wisdom for better quality of life and encourage you to keep smiling and to feel strong.This is virtual platform where I tried to communicate with outside world and shared the best of what I could. It is filled by various poems , tiny tales, words of wisdom etc.Aspects covered are love, life, nature ,relationships etc.

About Me (An Author)

A girl with vision and mission, a learner with utmost humanity who wants to spread smile on every one’s face and wants to transform surrounding as lovable and creative place to live.I have tried to keep this blog as most expressive and accessible platform of wisdom.You are always welcome to give suggestions or comments on this  blog or  reach me personally on “everlastingsmilevihasi@gmail.com”

-Vihasi Shah

visionary entrepreneur and constant learner

A lawyer in process, Company secretary,writer,anchor,teacher,volunteer 

P.S Brethe.  Smile.  Breath.